Feb. 2016 Hottest Month on Record!

HottestMonthWe are already experiencing extreme weather and super storms and it will only beocme worse. Please go to Go Fossil Free and sign the petitions and join the movement to KEEP IT IN THE GROUND. We cannot burn the fossil fuel deposits already discovered or the earth cannot sustain life. Go to Green World Rising to watch 4 short, beautifully produced, FREE videos by the fine, Progressive journalist Thom Hartmann and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, with world scientists testifying. Leonardo Di Caprio was appointed as Climate Change Ambassador to the United Nations. The first 3 videos will awaken and enlighten you, and the last will give you hope, showing how all the technology exists to save us, only the political will is lacking. If we convert quickly to clean renewable energy we can save the future for the young. The last short video, titled Restoration, will give you hope and inspire you to join Peoples Climate Movement Our march in NYC in Sept. 2014, including over 400 environmental groups, drew half a million people from all over the world to march for climate justice while world leaders were meeting at the United Nations in a Summit Conference on Climate Change. Bill McKibben, Naomi Kline, Winnoa LaDuke, Al Gore and so many wonderful environmental orgs. from Green Peace to the Sierra Club to Earth Justice, to Friends of the Earth to The Climate Reality Project to the National Resources Defense Council to The Rain Forest Alliance to The Union of Concerned Scientists, so many fine organizations like Avaaz and 350.org are working to save the habitable planet. You can find your place in movement, easily and online, too, at the above organizations and you’ll meet the nicest friends.

EcoWatch and Inside Climate News are two very informative sites that will keep you abreast of the movement to save the Earth for living species including us. “To save everything, we need everyone NOW! It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness!” Remember that Bill McKibben’s activist org. http://www.350.org was named because Dr. James Hansen, chief climatologist of NASA, stated years ago, that we could not survive and save our atmosphere unless we kept carbon emissions below 350 parts per million of our atmosphere. The delicate, thin veil of atmosphere surrounding our Earth home is the source of our very human breath. Without it functioning to give us breath we cannot live! It is now holding more than 400 parts per million of polluting carbon, and keeping the suns heat from reflecting out into space as it used to before the industrial revolution polluted it too much. We are living under a killing carbon dome that we must stop adding more poison to daily. We are adding over 7o to 90 million tons of brain-damaging, diHot Month 1sease causing pollution into our atmosphere daily. It takes two thousand years to dissipate fully. This polluting MUST stop in order to save life on Earth! There’s not much time.  It should have stopped yesterday. Methane is also poisoning our atmosphere from natural gas and fracking among other destructive industrial actions. We must stop burning fossil fuels, the industries of which are also polluting and destroying drinking water. We must convert to all green energy by 2030 to survive into the children’s future. “To save everything, we need everyone now!” There is no time to waste. If nothing else, we can continue to pressure your government representatives to act more quickly, mayors, governors, senators, representatives of all kinds can be pressured with calls and e-mails, letters and editorials as well as elections, rallies and marches. Many environmentalists are working hard to save our planet home. There is no planet B. To save the Earth for life, it will take human life rising up in millions and billions of people, demanding a future for the young!

EARTHLY BLESSINGS! Please enjoy the inspiration at www.Eco-Poetry.org and go to our Action Alerts page for many links to help you join the movement and also work and learn from your computer or smart phone.


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