Bernie Sanders: Best Candidate for Fighting Climate Crisis Emergency

Senator Bernie Sanders has always worked to insitute legislation that would address Climate Crisis Emergency. He has taken no money from fossil fuel corporations, either through lobbyist or Super Pacs. Greenpeace has researched and found that Secretary Hillary Clinton has taken approx 150 million from oil and gas lobbyists, and another 3 million through Super Pacs that include fossil fuel donors, for a total of approximately 450 million. Moreover, Senator Sanders is out and out against fracking, where Secretary Clinton is only against in with certain conditions, not with a flat “no.” Here’s the information from Greenpeace regarding Mrs. Clinton’s funding from fossil fuel industrialists, from one of my favorite political talk shows, Thom Hartman’s THE BIG PICTURE, which you can see on You Tube, as you can also watch Democracy Now with Amy Goodman free on You Tube weekdays:

       All the Greenpeace Activist was asking Hillary Clinton to do is give back the money from fossil fuel donations, and pledge to work faster and harder on converting to clean renewable energy should she become president. 450 million is only a fraction of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign funding. She has received far more from Wall St. and big banksters like Goldman Sachs, so implicated in the stock market crash of 2008- which destroyed the economy for so many Americans and caused the loss of millions of jobs, many home foreclosures, much homelessness and misery.

         By the way, Senator Sanders predicted what we are seeing in the “Panama Papers,” years ago. He warned that the rich and corporate bosses could hide their money offshore in bogus companies, just as they are doing. Senator Sanders made a speech on the Senate floor against any trade deals with Panama year’s ago.  We can thank President Clinton for deregulating Wall St., getting rid of Glass-Steagall controls, and passing NAFTA which caused the closing of 60,000 U.S. factories and businesses and lost us millions of good paying jobs. There is no question that Senator Sanders, a candidate of the people, by the people and for the people, who has taken no money from special interests,  is the better candidate for the U.S. presidency – especially in terms of the most vital emergency facing us all life on Earth, climate crisis!


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