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The Climate Moblization is a grassroots campaign for a World War II-scale mobilization, such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt managed to accomplish in 2-3 years to help the Allied Powers of Europe win the war against Hitler’s Nazi Party. FDR retrofitted the factories of the USA and created millions of jobs for a wartime economy. We have all the technology to save us. Only the political will is lacking, especially in the USA, greatly grid-locked by an insane right wing party with fascistic tendencies, holding back bold action on climate. Germany is way ahead of the USA in developing clean energy and will be fossil free in three years. France, the UK, Norway, Italy, etc. are all moving faster than the USA on Climate Crisis,  now a dire EMERGENCY. We find ourselves on the frontier of the tipping point of no correction of the climate. According to top climatologists like Dr. James Hansen, NASA climatologist; Bill McKibben, environmental activist; Naomi Klein, environmental economist; Linda Parker, Native American Environmental Leader; and Pope Francis, biologist, plus so many other environmental and spiritual leaders from the Dalai Lama to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to Bishop Shora, and leaders of organizations like GreenPeace, Earth Justice, Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Watch, The National Resources Defense Council and Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Cornel West and U.S. Senators Nina Turner, Barbara Boxer, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Thom Hartman and Amy Goodman, Progressive journalists, and so many others orgs and leaders. We need to move FAST to save civilization for the young everywhere. There is no time to waste. We must focus all of our attention and senses on the most challenging and threatening situation the world has ever known, and NOW! Not tomorrow, but yesterday. Al Gore’s Inconvient Truth video is already a decade old. Go to and learn a great deal about the price of carbon and methane pollution in our atmosphere, now burdened with over 400 parts per million of greenhouse gases which are overheating the planet and acidifying the oceans, killing sea life. Thousands of species are disappearing yearly. Extreme weather is happening all over the globe now. Long ago we were told that we could not survive at more than 350 ppm and we’ve exceeded that in the last years. Please for your own sake,  and the sake of children everywhere, explore The Climate Mobilization website and learn more about all the different and possible ways you can help save our habitable Earth by responding to the EMERGENCY now upon us. Keep abreast of the latest global climate news at (non-profit Pulitzer Prize winning journal.) And please keep visiting us at


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