Dec. 5th, 2016 FREE Event: Come Learn About Putting a Price on Carbon! Hear & Meet World’s Top Climatologist: Dr. James Hansen of Columbia U. Earth Institute & Other Good Speakers on Climate Crisis Emergency at NY Society for Ethical Culture: West 64th St. near Lincoln Center Subway Stop:

Climate Crisis is now a dire emergency as we lose 20,000 square feet of glacial ice weekly, melting into the ocean. The air conditioners of the planet are going fast as carbon content of the delicate shell of our atmosphere has risen beyond endurable amounts to over 400 parts per million. Come learn and spread the word. Read the Editorial at and learn how we can organize around the need to bring the carbon and methane content of the atmosphere down below 350 parts per million for life to survive on Earth. The Dec. 5th, 2016 free event on Carbon Pricing will help you educate yourself and spread the word to save the future of civilization and all life on Earth. Too many people are unaware of the dire consequences of climate catastrophe described in the new documentary by Leonardo Di Caprio’s Foundation’s now free online BEFORE THE FLOOD, distributed by National Geographic as he travels the world as United Nations Ambassador for Climate Change and Peace. The event on carbon pricing is free and open to the public. Organized by 350NYC & hosted by NYC Grassroots Alliance.

RSVP on Eventbrite:



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